Jay 10

Jay 10
Jennifer kabwe banda (born 16th october ) professional known as jay10. Jay10 is a vocalist and songwriter based in lusaka. she has recorded songs in a number of genres including rnb, afro jazz, afro pop, dancehall and so many more.
Jennifer developed her talent whrn she was 5years old, she just started her primary education in grade1 as she was currently living in livingstone (birth place). her music teacher mr john mubiana took interest in teaching her how to write songs and she finally wrote her very first song in grade three when she was 7. she wrote a song about the late mwanawasa when she was in grade and 7 and wrote another song in grade 8 about michael jackson whih stole the hearts of many. her name jay10 was given to her by a radio dj in livingstone after winning a singing competition on radio and she was only 10years old competing against older youth.
Jay10 was domant for some year because she wanted to complete her education at hillcrest national technical high school. she then got back to her feet in 2016 when she joined a rap group called silent dreamers were she workes as the lead singer. she then moved to lusaka were her career was getting brighter. she has worked with big bizzy at k-amy, ken dee at game on exclusives, swatrabbi at wavy multimedia, and many more in livingstone and her hit single total pa total were she features chisenga fka crisis mr swagger is a club banger and with her many projects she is headed for greatness